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Index of Filmmaking Careers' Articles on Film Making

 Film Formats and HDTV

A comprehensive review of digital standards that makes a case for the "Future-Proof Standard." — by Steve Wiedemann / Henninger Media Services
 24/P HDTV: The Fall of Film Production

A thorough HDTV analysis of high-def's history, special effects, projection, and inter-cutting techniques; while asking if HDTV brings the demise of film. — by Steve Wiedemann
 Hi Def Grows Up

A Q&A session that discusses digital video editing of a feature film, "How High."
 Why Shoot in Film?

24P aside, don't count film out as an image acquisition medium yet. Read Mario Orazio's article on why Kodak is still kicking.
 Why Shoot in 24P?

Laurence J. Thorpe's is a proponent of a digital production system that operates on precisely the same picture capture-rate platform as the "de facto established 24-frame film platform." Read as he examines how creative flexibilities have been added to the program production arsenal of moviemakers and television producers.
 Video for Film Release

Why would consider shooting a "film" in video, and transfering it to celuloid for distribution? Learn some of the reasons, as well as a few techniques from Alan Stewart.
 The Most Serious Screen Writing Mistakes

A university professor may help you to better critique your script, and avoid the most common and serious screen writing mistakes. Check Prof. Charles Deemer's list of pitfalls.
 AIFFP Examines hiring criteria

Can a low-cost, work-intensive internship actually be the smartest way into a film career? Read Bruce Britt's review of Career Connection's mentorship program.
 CyberFilm School on Film Training

Conventional wisdom says a film degree from prestigious university will open doors, however, smart money knows that internships have become an increasingly effective way to get the proverbial foot in the door.